*VIRTUAL* – CPD Accredited Hydrogen Safety Training, including ATEX.

This course is developed for participants to understand the risks associated with Hydrogen and how to detect, mitigate and manage these risks.

Learning Outcomes

This course will provide the participants with knowledge on:

• Hydrogen production including the different sources and colours.
• Awareness on Hydrogen Electrolysis and Fuel cells
• Hydrogen storage and transportation for end use
• Utilization of Hydrogen
• The Basic Properties & Risks of Hydrogen
• Codes and Standards of Hydrogen.

Overall Outcomes:

• Three Day Course with a daily duration of 4 hours
• Online Presentation delivered via PowerPoint to the delegates
• Real life videos to enhance understanding are showed to the participants
• 3 Multiple Choice Test Questions – 1 for each day
• Interactive Questions and Answer time allocated

Safety overview

Selection of Materials for Hydrogen Safety – what is preferred and what to avoid:

• Hydrogen Piping System Layout and Design
• Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment
• General Hydrogen Storage Considerations
• Types of ventilation required for Hydrogen Storage – Passive and Active
• Hydrogen Leak Detection
• Flame Detection / Thermal Detectors
• Electrical Equipment Considerations
• Emergency Shutdown System
• Codes and Standards for Hydrogen

Duration: 3 Day

Cost: £1750 + Vat