*VIRTUAL* – The New Hydrogen Economy – A Practical Guide

Online Hydrogen Training

As we move towards zero-carbon, new applications for hydrogen promise to transform the way we live, work, and do business. Emerging technologies will revolutionise the way we think about energy, heating, transport and energy storage; creating a new economic infrastructure and supply chain where huge opportunities await.
The race is on for early entrants to global hydrogen market – don’t be left behind.

Who should attend?

Existing energy companies particularly those who are already part of the oil and gas supply chain and those looking to future proof their capabilities
Particularly relevant to engineering companies, those involved in storage compression equipment and shipping
Those companies seeking to enter the energy arena with its myriad opportunities in a market valued by the Bank of America at 11 trillion dollars.

About the course

The hydrogen economy is expected to grow exponentially across the global in the coming years. For example, the UK recently set a target to produce five gigawatts of hydrogen by 2030, representing a 40-fold increase from the current situation. This ambition is replicated across the globe where hydrogen strategies are appearing on a weekly basis. The journey to a hydrogen economy will be challenging and innovation will be required however, early engagement with those commissioning projects will enable early movers to reap the maximum from the opportunity presented.
The course aims to provide a practical guide to enable companies to make informed decisions and plans based on the real opportunities that are emerging as the global hydrogen economy develops. Delegates will be guided as to where early opportunities are most likely to lie, who is involved and how to get in front of them.

Course outline

The hydrogen economy
What is it?
Types of hydrogen
Hydrogen potential
Hydrogen and the route to net zero

Renewables and hydrogen
Wind to hydrogen
Distribution of hydrogen
Ammonia and hydrogen
Shipping and hydrogen

Practical considerations
Making hydrogen safe for the gas grid
Repurposing the gas grid
Towards 100% hydrogen gas grid – Hydeploy program
Commercial considerations

Supply chain
The rise of the circular economy
Supply chains – what supplies, equipment and services will be needed, where and when?
Gas grid requirements
How will the hydrogen economy be implemented?

Market engagement
Route to market
Clustering principles
20% hydrogen versus 100% hydrogen
Procurement strategies
Aligning your company to purchaser requirements
Who to talk to, how to do business?
Overcoming the hurdles to market entry.
Regional opportunities APAC dimensions, Australia, Japan, Singapore, India, Germany, Europe, the UK, USA
Hydrogen strategies for your business
National and global opportunities

Key learning outcomes

Practical knowledge of the new hydrogen economy and its likely trajectory
Hydrogen’s role in the route to net zero
How hydrogen can support the wind industry
How ammonia will play a key role in the hydrogen economy
Addressing hydrogen risks
How hydrogen will integrate with the future gas grid
Supply chain requirements what supplies, equipment and services will be needed, where and when
The importance for the supply chain of the ‘megaproject’ and what they tell us about the hydrogen economic opportunity
Key markers in the commercial development of hydrogen
Gain awareness of the route to market
How to prepare for effective engagement
Local and global opportunities one near you?
Tactics to overcoming hurdles to market entry.
The requirement for a hydrogen strategy and model for your business

Duration: 4 Days

Cost: £2750 + Vat

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